美国加州大学戴维斯分校医学院教授、厦门大学医学院兼职教授。曾任加州大学戴维斯分校生物化学与分子药学系主任(1991-1994),美国糖生物协会主席(1991-1992),Journal of  Biological Chemistry编委会成员(1987-1992),Glycobiology编委会成员(1990-2006)。Troy教授的工作主要包括多聚唾液酸在癌细胞转移中的作用及机理研究;糖复合物穿越生物膜机理的NMR研究。


1. Wong, J., Nakata, D., Troy II, F. A. and Gervay-Hague,      J. Synthesis of Neutral CMP-Sialic Acid Analogs as      Polysialyltransferase Inhibitors. (MS Prepared for Submission).

2. Drake, P., Nathan, J., Stock, C., Chang, P., Muench, M.,      Nakata, D., Reader, R., Gip, P., Golden, K., Weinhold, B., Gerardy-Schahn,      R., Troy II, F.A. and Bertozzi, C., The Highly Restricted      Glycan, Polysialic Acid, is Differentially Expressed on Human and Murine      Leukocytes and Modulated Immune Response. J. Immunology 181;      6850-6858

3. Wang, B., Hu, H., Yu, B., and Troy II, F.A., Molecular      Characterization of Pig UDP-N-          acetylglucosamine-2-epimerase/N-acetylmannosamine Kinase (Gne)      Gene: Effect of Dietary Sia Supplementation on Gene Expression in Piglets.      Curr. Topics in Nutraceutical Res. 5,(4). 165-176

4. Park, K.H., Jang, K.H., Yeo, S. W., Rask-Anderson, H. and Troy      II, F.A., Expression of     Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule and Polysialic      Acid in Cultured Spiral Ganglion Neurons, Skull Base 17;1055

报告题目: The Polysialic Acid Glycan: From Bacteria to Brains and Role in Molecular Medicine


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