Dr. Win-Ping Deng is a Deputy Dean and Distinguished University Professor in the College of Oral Medicine, Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taiwan. Currently, he is also serving as a Chair Professor in Fu Jen catholic University, Taiwan and as an Editor in the renowned journal, Biomaterials (IF, 8.387). Dr. Deng obtained his doctorate in cancer biology at Harvard University, USA in 1993. Thereafter, he joined the postdoctoral training at Harvard University. This led to the development of powerful genetic recombination analysis in mammalian cells and he received a patent as “site-directed mutagenesis”. In recent years, Dr. Deng pioneered the advances of stem cell on cancer research for precision medicine and also regenerative medicine research using stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and molecular imaging in Taiwan and serving as Director of Stem Cell Research Center, TMU.

报告题目:Advances of Stem Cell on Cancer Research for Precision Medicine


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